Brands & Products
Seattle Services only uses the best products available. Quality will not be compromised.
Brands & Products
Seattle Services only uses the best products available. Quality will not be compromised.


Reinke are one of the largest irrigation systems and components manufacturers in the world. Since 1968, being different is what has made Reinke the mechanized irrigation system choice for many growers worldwide.

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So what is the Reinke Difference?

The difference starts with our high-strength steel: a lighter, yet stronger material we use to make our systems weigh less and improve longevity. Less weight means less stress on components, saving you the hassle of potential repair costs. Combined with superior engineering and unique design, Reinke systems are built to last.

Our high-strength steel is only one of many features and innovations for our systems. Another feature is our single-leg towers made with the C-channel Leg. It is galvanized steel in a roll-form C-channel design that eliminates the need for cross bracing. This gives our systems a lighter and less obtrusive tower leg design resulting in easier access to components and a lighter system.

Being outdoors all year round also means more exposure to weather and field conditions. That’s why Reinke provides corrosion-resistant, aluminum enclosures to protect the main control panel from UV rays, moisture and other harsh environment conditions.

Instead of a single-wall tower box like our competitors use, Reinke uses double-wall tower boxes to ensure maximum protection of components and durability in environmental conditions. We also have our patented V-Ring Seal, which protects the gasket from UV rays, other environment conditions, prevents leaks and reduces friction loss.

To ensure our systems can adapt to various field conditions and terrain, we added in our standard pivot flex joint. This was designed to minimize stress exerted on the pivot bearing Single-leg tower featuring C-channel Legs Double-Walled Tower box and structure when traversing various terrain.

To us, every part matters. To eliminate the disruption of water flow in sprinkler outlets, Reinke welds high-strength 3/4” tapered, half couplers to our pipes, which provide a stronger solution.  All of our systems and components are backed by industry-leading warranties, as we believe in standing behind our products.

If a problem occurs, you can count on our network of Reinke dealers to fix it. Our dealers are the finest in the industry, chosen for their commitment to provide the best service for the customer. From the materials we use, to the innovative products we build, all backed by the best warranties is what makes the Reinke Difference.


An irrigation machine that you can rely on one hundred percent. Compact, cost effective and flexible for use on each shape of area.

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Pentair Southern Cross designs, manufactures, supplies an extensive range of pumps and pumping equipment.

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Nelson Australia are a premium quality irrigation specialist supplier across Australia.

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The combination of superior products and extensive industry knowledge, allows Nelson to provide the best possible irrigation solutions. This proudly builds on Nelson’s reputation for providing efficient, sustainable and dependable irrigation equipment to the Asia Pacific market.

Nelson offers premium irrigation equipment for the Australian agricultural, landscape, golf and mining industries. 


Angus Flexible Pipelines manufactures layflat hose from high tensile synthetic yarns.

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Ferbo irrigators – affordable, premium efficiency, performance and built to last.

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Award winning technology manufactured in Tasmania for over 35 years!
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Tasmania’s Irrigation, pumps & pipeline specialists

For over 40 years Seattle Services have been providing Tasmanian farmers with the means to irrigate their crops.

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, service and innovation.