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major projects

Seattle has undertaken a number of major projects.


One of our recent successful projects was the design, manufacture and installation of a pit dewatering system for Cement Australia at their Railton mine. The significance of this project is in the fact that this system is capable of pumping the mine water at a capacity of 400 Litres per second at a head of 120m

The project consists of four main components:

  • Welding and installation of three 355mm riser pipes from the pit floor to the top of the pit, a height of nearly 90m,
  • Design manufacture and installation of manifolds and valve systems together with blast proof enclosures,
  • Installation of pumps
  • Welding and installation of 400m of 450mm polypipe to evacuate water from top of pit to settling ponds.

Pumping is currently being undertaken using a Cummins V12, 1200HP diesel and a 300x250/600 Caprari pump.