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Service-hero Since 1978 Seattle Services have been providing Tasmanian farmers with the means to irrigate their crops. From their award winning travelling irrigator, the PaceMaker, through to pivot and linear irrigation systems, Seattle Services are able to provide you with the perfect irrigation system. We have been a Reinke Distributor since 2002 and are one of Reinke’s most experienced Australian dealers. Reinke systems are extremely reliable, robust and cost effective to operate. They are able to operate on inclines of 20% and include a fully programmable control which ensures crops are irrigated on time and with the exact amount of water needed.

Statewide Services Offered include:

  • Broad-acre Irrigation System Design & Surveys
  • CAD Documentation including 3D

Irrigation Services & Sales including:

  • Pumps Irrigation & Mining
  • Pivots & Linears
  • Travelers including Pacemaker, Ferbo & Idrofoglia
  • Pipeline Installation & Repairs
  • Comprehensive Workshop Repair Facilities
  • Comprehensive Field Machines including All Terrain Forklift & Telehandler

Manufactured Products include:

  • Broad Range of Galvanised Pipe fittings 80mm to 450mm
  • Pacemaker Travelling Irrigators up to 600m run lengths
  • Dairy Wash Down Cannons
  • Dedicated Pump Sheds
  • Poly Welding 90mm to 450mm
  • Magnesium Wheel Machining (Historic Racing Cars)

Brand Favourites include:

  • Reinke Irrigation Pivot & Linear Machines
  • Ferbo Irrigation Hardhose Machines
  • Pacemaker Irrigation Softhose Machines
  • Angus Layflat (Softhoses)
  • ABB Variable Speed Pump Drives
  • Nelson Sprinklers & Valves
  • Southern Cross Pump & Irrigation Products
  • Ontrac Telemetry