Pumping out solutions to your water problems!


At Seattle Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and supply systems and solutions, specific to the customers needs. We understand both the ever changing environments associated with mining operations and need to rapidly relocate and modify these systems to ensure minimal disruption to operations and maintain maximum production.

Both fixed and transportable pumping solutions can be designed and built to meet individual requirements. We also manufacture blast protection for all vital components.

A vital part of the pumping system is the pipeline, and Seattle Services are capable of providing customers with a variety of pipe products including steel and polyethylene. We routinely weld poly-pipe up to 450mm diameter.

We at Seattle Services believe that good customer service does not end when a product or service is sold, but rather it is the continual good relationship between ourselves and the customer. This is why we ensure that we respond quickly and effectively to enquiries and service requests, no matter where or when. Yes, we’re even open and have a team ready during the Christmas Period, so that we can respond at a moment’s notice!